By Alex Dunne



Welcome to issue #2 of ICCF Amici

This issue has an historical view of the first recorded postal game (1804) some book reviews, an article about the Sokolsky Memorial and a message from ICCF President Josef Mrkvička.  I would like to see more.  I would like to see a lot more for our next issue which is scheduled for December.  Readers who have interesting chess games they would like published  are invited to submit them (with annotations, preferably deep ones!) Of course I would like to have items of interest to correspondence players everywhere.  ICCF Amici is your forum.  Use it!  Correspondence chess has a rich tradition that has barely been tapped.  Present day email has techniques and tricks as yet hardly explored.  News of major correspondence events are always welcome. Opening analysis, middlegame analysis, endgame analysis all that is germane to correspondence chess is wanted here. Send us your wares!   alex.dunne@cqservices.com



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