By Alex Dunne


Welcome to issue #4 of ICCF Amici

The time has come for your editor to say goodbye. 
I have recently undertaken new tasks, new chess duties, and new business opportunities,
and I must relinquish my editorship of ICCF Amici.

I am pleased to let the readers know that a solid replacement for me has been found. 
I take pleasure in announcing that Raymond Boger will be taking up the electronic pen.
I am sure Raymond will do a splendid job.

This position was fun while it lasted!  I want to thank Raymond Boger,
the webmaster, whose brilliant technical work made my efforts look much better than they were. 

I also want to thank Max Zavanelli, who seduced this dinosaur into trying his hand at more
modern enterprises.  I would like to thank the readers for your indulgence. 
I would also like to thank the contributors whose works have advanced the history
and practice of correspondence chess.  Finally I would like to thank Caissa, the goddess of chess,
for granting me fifty years of love for the greatest of all games.


Pax,   Alex Dunne

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