by Josef Mrkvička,
ICCF President





by Josef Mrkvička, ICCF President and Chairman of the Webserver Steering Group


The 2003 ICCF Congress in Ostrava, approved the establishment of a new Development Fund and designated that the first development project would be the ICCF Webserver. Congress also unanimously approved the introduction of individual, group and/or national federation patronage of ICCF, with specific benefits, as one source of funding and it directed the Webserver Steering Group to make detailed arrangements to initiate and progress such funding.

The ICCF Webserver Steering Group and Executive Board have already announced the general outline of the programme, with specific details of two elements of the programme.


The purpose of the Patron of ICCF programme is threefold:


1. Provide a significant initial contribution to the ICCF Development Fund.  
2. Provide an ongoing source of revenue for the ICCF Development Fund.
Provide a framework for future sponsorship arrangements between ICCF
and individuals and/or

The Patron of ICCF programme will consist of three classifications, consisting of Individual, National Federation, and Corporate Patron of ICCF. Two specific benefits will be common to all patrons. Each classification of patron will have free use of a "Patron of ICCF" logo on their personal/organisation material and websites and will receive prominent recognition on the ICCF website and in other official publications.


The first designation of patronage will be the Individual Patron of ICCF. The minimum contribution for this designation will be CHF 500. This patronage will be considered to be for the lifetime of the patron. The name of each patron will be displayed on the square of his/her choice, on a 64 square chessboard, which will be prominently featured on the ICCF Webserver. If patrons prefer, they may, of course, remain anonymous.

Squares on the chessboard will be allocated based on the order of requests received by the contact person.  When reserving your square please provide at least three alternative squares you would be willing to accept.  Once a request has been acknowledged, arrangements will be made for payment of the contribution.  Upon receipt of payment, the square will be guaranteed for that specific patron.


The second designation of patronage will be the Corporate Patron of ICCF. The minimum contribution will be CHF 3000 and the duration of the patronage will be five years.


A Corporate Patron will be given priority use of the ICCF Webserver system (after ICCF and Member Federation events), for their promotional tournaments.  Normally, the standard fee will apply for such events, but Corporate Patron will have a right to organise the equivalent of three Category XIV (or above) and three Category XIII (or below) events of not more than 15 players per tournament, without the payment of any handling fee.  These "free" events should be started in the 5 year period.  

The contact person for the Patron of ICCF programme will be ICCF Finance Director, Grayling Hill.  You may contact him with any enquiries at the following Email address:




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