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 The John G. White Chess and .......  by Eric Ruch
  Adjudications.  by Ruth Ann Fay
  The value of Tempo  by Simon Hradecky
  What is Correspondence Chess?  by Morten Lille°ren
  ICCF Server Tutorial  by Franklin Campbell
  CHESS SOFTWARE ......  by Hans Olav Lahlum
  Bonnie and Clyde  By Olimpiu Urcan

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Eric Ruch

Is the only person who has
contributed to all ICCF AMICI magazines.

Eric is 43 years, married with 3 children, ages
12, 11 (two girls) and 7 (boy). He has played
chess for more than 30 years, and came to CC
16 years ago. This was when he got married and no longer could find the time to play seriously OTB.

Eric says :
I have been interested in chess history for many years. For the last three years I have mainly focused on the early years of CC history. There is still a lot to be discovered, and I hope to be able to share with all
CC friends this very exiting field of correspondence chess.

Eric is playing chess with his daughter Camille who is 12 year. 


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