By Raymond Boger


Welcome to issue #6 of ICCF AMICI. 

Dear Chessfriends,

First of all; I must apologize for the magazine being a
little bit late due to my post-summer vacation this year,
but better late than never.

It’s been difficult coming up with material for this issue due to very few contributions. I’ve managed to dig up some stories myself and had them translated from different languages.

I am certain that there are many good stories “out there”, in various languages, waiting to be shared with the rest of
the CC-community. Bring them to me! 

Even though there where few contributions, I must thank those of you who took the time to contribute to this number of ICCF AMICI, in particular Eric Ruch, who I’ve written a few words about.

Nor must I forget to thank my Norwegian friends and Franklin! 

There will be no President’s Column this time. No surprise,
since there currently is no President…

I sent e-mails to three different ICCF officials, in which I asked whether they could contribute to the Magazine, but I didn’t get any response… Shame on you… you know who you are. 

ICCF is going into exciting times. Hits on our webserver keep setting new records, and soon it is time for the
ICCF Congress in Argentina.

I agree with Tim Harding – Give your vote to Med Samraoui.
 (I would if I had one!) I’ve personally met Med twice, and
I have had the honour of beating him in once !.
I know him as a true gentleman.

Enjoy the reading !.........


GM Raymond Boger

Best wishes & Amici Sumus!
Raymond Boger



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