By Valer
Eugen Demian





Dear Friends, 

ICCF is delighted to announce the start of the 2nd WebChess Open
tournament on the server. This announcement will be posted at
the ICCF website and distributed to all national federations.
The following Frequently Asked Questions setup clarifies all information
applicable for this edition.


What is the Webchess Open Tournament?

It is a tournament open to all correspondence chess players around the World,
with or without any previous ICCF experience.


Who is in charge?

The responsible ICCF Officer for this tournament is Valer-Eugen Demian (CAN), ICCF Non-Title Tournaments Commissioner (NTTC). He will also appoint the Tournament Directors. Please direct all general inquiries to him at: vdemian@shaw.ca

Guido Bresadola (ITA) has been appointed Central Tournament Leader (CTL).
He is in charge of registration, pairings and other tournament related issues.
His email address is:


How and when to enter?

Multiple entries are allowed. Go to the ICCF Webserver
main page

click on “New Events”, find the tournament in the main list and click “Enter”.

It allows you to register with a click of a button using one of the two methods available:

a)      Contact your national federation (NF). Provide your ICCF-ID (if you have one) and a
valid email address you will use for this tournament. Your national federation will
forward your entry to CTL Guido Bresadola (ITA).

b)      Qualified players may use Direct Entry (DE).

Third method available for new players to ICCF:

c)      New players to ICCF are allowed to enter 1 group for free.
They should send their contact information:
name, email address and country to Valer Eugen Demian NTTC.
If they wish to enter more than one group,
all extra entries should be paid for as described above.

Registration is open as soon as DE is setup for this tournament and it closes on May 31st, 2006.


How much does it cost?

The payment is linked to the method of registration used:

a)      Registering via your NF. Receiving payment of the event fee
and confirmation of your registration are handled by your NF.

b)      Registering via DE. All information is implemented. Pay the fee in one single transaction.

c)      New players to ICCF play 1 group for free.


What is the time frame?

The tournament will be played in three stages: preliminaries, semifinal and final.

Preliminaries will start in mid June 2006, with an approximate end date of Dec 15th, 2007.
The other 2 stages will be scheduled accordingly at a later date.


How will I play?

Preliminaries will consist of groups of 7 (seven) players each. All games will be rated.
The latest ICCF Playing Rules Webserver will apply for all stages as applicable.
You can read them online at


by clicking on “Online Help” → “Server rules”.


How do I qualify from preliminaries?

Only the section winners will qualify for the semifinal stage. Ties will be broken
according to the ICCF Tournament Rules, Article 5.


Is there a sponsor?

The sponsor for the 1,000 USD in prizes for the Webserver Open
is ZPR Investment Management.
ZPR is celebrating the investment theories and techniques of Professor Zavanelli that has
resulted in its number one ranking for the best 5 year performance for Global Equity investing
and its second place ranking for US Equity investing out of nearly 7000 money managers.
Source is Pensions and Investments online;
 www.pionline.com  and Morningstar. ZPR was
also ranked by the magazine Wall Street On-Line  as having the best risk adjusted performance
for the last 3 years. ZPR's main website is
 www.zprim.com  Its logo is a black chess Knight.


What are the prizes available?

Cash prizes only will be paid in the final stage based on the following structure:

1st place: 250 USD
2nd place: 200 USD
3rd place: 150 USD
4th place: 100 USD
5th place: 50 USD

The remaining 250 USD will be allocated for server maintenance.
Ties for the prizes will also be broken according to the ICCF Tournament Rules. 

We welcome with open arms regular ICCF players as well as new ones,
eager to test their skills with us. It is our hope you will enjoy the experience on our
server and will use this opportunity to make new friends around the World.

 Play Webserver chess with ICCF! Join your National CC Federation and the ICCF community!

Read the
announcement in PDF format ...




Frank Geider
World Tournament Director (WTD)

 Valer-Eugen Demian
Non-Title Tournaments Commissioner (NTTC)


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