By Raymond Boger


Dear Chessfriends,


I am late as usual … and this time only I am to blame – or rather Crohn’s disease, which is responsible for me not functioning as well as I had hoped. Since I have been on pretty heavy medication lately, I have had trouble performing my daily chores (wife, kids, work, CC games,…!).  In addition I am webmaster for NPSF (The Norwegian CC Federation) and have just started to play board 2 for Norway in Olympiad 15 Final. Because of all this I am afraid I have to throw in the towel as editor/webmaster for ICCF AMICI.

But this is possibly for the best, after having seen the survey on iccf.com that has been running since September 2005 ( Thanks, Evelin! ). According to this survey a majority of the respondents want a different style and layout on ICCF AMICI. Maybe it is only appropriate that I withdraw now, so we can bring in new people with new ideas and visions!

As I predicted with a 96% probability in the previous issue of ICCF AMICI, the Norwegian Ivar Bern has become the new CC World Champion. Congratulations, Ivar!  Ivar has been kind enough to be interviewed in this issue as well. As me, he has also just started to play for Norway in Olympiad 15 Final – he on the top board. Our ambition is to fight for an Olympic medal, but only time will show how we fare!

I was very happy the day I received the news that ICCF was invited to play in the FIDE Olympiad in Turin, Italy. My first thought was that I had to go to Turin to watch the efforts of the ICCF team, my second thought was that Ivar Bern, the new World Champion just had to play on this team. Therefore I suggested to NPSF’s board of directors that they should nominate him, which they did. He was selected for the team, but unfortunately he had to withdraw due to the pressure of work and other commitments. Later, FIDE has withdrawn its invitation to ICCF, consequently there will be no ICCF team playing in Turin after all. Nevertheless, when you are reading these words, I am on my way to Turin! There I will follow the Chess Olympiad and especially the Norwegian team headed by wonderboy Magnus Carlsen (15). I will either write a full report, or at least publish a photo report, in the next issue of ICCF AMICI, or on my private website mychessweb.com. Hopefully I will also be taking part in some of the open tournaments that are being played in parallel with the Olympiad. I also look forward to meeting some of my CC friends there – you are coming, I hope??!

This being my final issue as  “chief ”  I wish to take the opportunity to thank all the people who have contributed to ICCF AMICI since we started up more than 2 years ago. Your contributions have been highly appreciated and I will not forget you. To those of you, whether Zonal Directors, Commissioners or Other Officials, to whom I have sent emails for 2 years without receiving an answer, even though you should be aware of your obligations to the ICCF rank and file: SHAME ON YOU!


So, the time has come for me to say thanks for the fun we have had together, and:


Enjoy the reading !.........



Best wishes & Amici Sumus!
Raymond Boger




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