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Welcome to  ICCF AMICI

An ezine dedicated to international correspondence chess, and especially
correspondence chess played under the aegis of the International Correspondence Chess Federation.  I hope that this ezine can grow from its rather modest beginning to a more robust
and informative force.  What is needed now more than anything else is contributors.
If you have games, especially annotated games, or are a chess writer who would like to
contribute articles of historical interest, I would certainly like to hear from you.

ICCF AMICI would also like to establish some regular columns of interest to readers 
If you have some concrete ideas, contact me at


 What ICCF AMICI would like to see are letters to the editor on all aspects of
 correspondence chess; annotated games, especially at the master level;
ICCF tournament results; historical articles on correspondence chess; opening theory;
articles that discuss the differences between email and postal chess; computers and
correspondence chess, articles on how to use computers to improve correspondence chess;
game collections for downloading; spotlights on ICCF personages, interviews and
columns describing ICCF officials; spotlights on correspondence players; a column
on the interpretation and implementation of the rules.

 Together we can make a magazine.  Come join us !.

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Issue 08  -  21.05.2006 ok ok ok cbv pgn view
Issue 07  -  31.12.2005 ok ok ok cbv pgn view
 Issue 06  -  30.09.2005 ok ok ok cbv pgn view
 Issue 05  -  21.06.2005 ok ok ok cbv pgn view
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 Issue 03  -  23.12.2004 ok ok ok cbv pgn view
 Issue 02  -  15.09.2004 ok ok ok cbv pgn view
 Issue 01  -  10.06.2004 ok ok ok cbv pgn view


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